Just Listed! New Vintage Music & Dance Digital Collage Sheets

digital collage sheet, vintage ballerina dancers, by Lunagirl Images

I've created five new Lunagirl digital collage sheets featuring images of music, musicians, dance, and dancers! This one is perhaps my favorite, just because it turned out so sweet. Eleven lovely ballerinas, women and girls, pose in their dance costumes. Most of them are on pointed toes, maybe that's why it so pretty. I adapted these ladies from Victorian Edwardian era French postcards and photographs, cleaning them up, enhancing the light and color and adding some soft shabby tints. My vintage ballet dancers are available for download today!


Below are two more dance collage sheets -- Bring On the Dancing Girls! and Shall We Dance? Download these today and enjoy some fabulous fun cabaret dancers and showgirls and a collection of romantic couples from the Victorian era through the Roaring Twenties. 

And last but certainly not least, you'll find two new MUSIC digital collage sheets! My first Music collage sheet design inspired this whole set I made today. I decided I needed to offer more sheet music, and you'll find several pieces here on these two new sheets. You'll also find beautiful richly colored Pre-Raphaelite art of musical women, in a mythic/Renaissance style, and more vintage photos of musical women and girls, with flute, piano, lute, conducting birdsongs, even enjoying the music of the ocean in a seashell!

These are just in time for my next challenge blog theme, which happens to be Music and Dance! Starting on Monday at LunagirlMoonbeams.com. (And don't miss the second week of my Moon Goddess creative craft challenge which is happening right now!)

digital collage sheets, vintage images of music and dancers, by Lunagirl Images

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