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Victorian Edwardian Vintage Ladies Photos Volume #3 -- CD or Download

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Our third collection of Victorian Edwardian & Flapper ladies!  
1,000 more wonderful & fascinating antique photos & postcards of women, printable for crafts cards scrapbooks jewelry art. 
Hundreds of portraits of ladies, flirty showgirls, fabulous divas, beautiful antique bellydance postcards!  Beautiful black & white and sepia photographs and photo postcards, many hand-tinted and decorated.  Many styles, from elegantly posed to playful and flirty. Beautiful vintage portraits of women in amazing hats, lovely frocks & gowns, flapper fashions, exotic & fancy costumes.
  • LADIES PORTRAITS -- Several hundreds photographic portraits of women in beautiful dresses, jewelry, furs, veils, and big hats.  Many fashion postcards. 
  • BELLYDANCERS 2 -- Great selection of bellydance photos in exotic "orientale" and "Egyptian" style dance costumes!  Vintage caberet style, tribal, Middle Eastern, veils & jewelry.
  • ACTRESSES & SHOWGIRLS -- Hundreds of postcards of lovely actresses and flirty show girls in fabulous dresses and costumes.   Ladies of the Moulin Rouge, Folies Bergere, Casino de Paris, opera, etc.
  • BATHING BEAUTIES PART 2 -- More bathing beauties in their vintage swimsuits!  Victorian & flapper styles.
  • BONUS: 35 extra Hi Res images at 600 dpi!  Most are vintage actress portraits on tinted postcards, many in lovely Art Nouveau style.  Carefully restored.  

Victorian, Edwardian, and vintage images ready to print and share. Great for altered art, card making, scrapbooking, collage, decoupage, gift wrap and hang tags, labels, primitives, ornaments, jewelry, fabric arts, and endless other creative projects.  The only limit is your imagination. 

 About These Images:

While many of these photographs date from the Victorian era (roughly 1860-1901), most are more properly referred to as Edwardian.  The Edwardian era describes the years from about 1901 to 1919.  Edwardian styles were opulent, elegant, and refined.  The camera and photography became more widely available, and ladies and children posed in their finery or against a charming background for portraits.  Other photographers captured scenes of "real people" on the street, in front of their homes or schools, at historical events.

Also during this time postcards became very popular.  These postal cards featured famous sights, holiday greetings, showgirls and other performers, posed scenes, and personal photos.  Many early postcards originated in France, hence the name "French postcards."  The term French postcard eventually became associated with slightly risqué images (most risqué postcards originated in Paris).

This collection also includes many photographs of a later vintage, the Twenties, age of the Flapper in her cloche hat.  Women bobbed their hair and donned shorter skirts ~ and eventually voted, thanks to the suffragists!  Make up became fashionable (if still not entirely respectable) for American women thanks in part to returning GIs' experiences with makeup-wearing Parisian "fancy women" during World War I!

These images of antique and vintage ephemera offer a charming and fascinating glimpse into the past, revealing much about the era and its changing ideals ~ a great way to look at cultural history and fashion trends, or find artistic inspiration.  It is a pleasure to make these images available in this collection.

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Using These Images

COPY & PASTE INTO YOUR IMAGE-EDITING SOFTWARE TO EDIT. Can be printed directly onto any paper, card stock, tissue, vellum, transparencies, stickers, labels, even fabric transfers to make quilt designs and embroidery patterns for personal use.  Whatever will work in your printer!


Images are JPG.  All images are 1200 pixels on longest side.  This will be approximately 4 inches when printed at 300 dpi, or twice that size at 150 dpi (can be resized before printing, down to very small).  Samples may be smaller than actual images. Images on CD are NOT watermarked.

PC USERS: Our image CDs feature a unique and elegant image gallery viewer that showcases the beauty of every image, and makes makes browsing, resizing, and printing simple. You can also zoom, create a slideshow, etc. Our viewer does NOT download anything to your hard drive, requires no unzipping or extra software, and is easy to use. (You may also open images into whatever picture viewer or editor you usually use.) This special feature of our image collections has been a big hit with our customers, but if you prefer your CD without it, just order the "Mac" version (see below). 

MAC USERS: Choose the "Mac/no-viewer" version and we will send you a CD that will work on any computer -- all the same images, same excellent organization, carefully arranged into folders for your ease of use. (Note: If you have a PC-emulator your system may read our software, but of course only you can determine that!) 

DOWNLOAD: Images will be sent in a zipped file.

Questions?  See our FAQ page!  If you still have questions, feel  free to email us and we'll be glad to help.

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Dos and Don'ts 

Copyright  2005, 2007, 2015, Lunagirl Images. All images are offered under license, and many of the individual images are copyrighted by us based on our creative alterations of the originals. 

You may print unlimited copies of images or collage sheets for your own non-commercial personal or educational use, and alter them for your own non-commercial use as well.  Please note that this permission is for you, the purchaser, only (images may not be forwarded to others).

You are welcome to sell your one-of-a-kind altered art and handmade items that incorporate these images (if your work is sold or displayed online or published in a magazine, blog, etc., include credit to  

Images may not be resold or redistributed, and there are limits on commercial use (see full license/terms for details). 

Use in commercial graphic design, professional advertising or marketing, or media production, creation of design resources for sale, or sale of craft supplies, unaltered prints, or items in large numbers, requires permission and/or additional commercial use license.  

Questions?  See our FAQ page!  If you still have questions, feel free to email us and we'll be glad to help.

PLEASE READ FULL LICENSE/TERMS before purchasing. Thanks for visiting! [[end tab]]

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