Buzz Buzz... Printable Honeybee Tags with Vintage Ephemera

 More vintage printable tags, this time with a honey bees theme! I created this set with aged antique paper, vintage French ephemera such as perfume labels and honey labels and botanical journal pages, some English-language ads and of course some lovely BEES and beehives! 

These shabby sepia tags are lots of fun, and you'll notice I titled the collection "Honeybee Tags 1" because I feel sure there will be more! My favorite in this set is probably the one that says Hi Honey, but I'm pretty fond of them all.

Plenty more tags to feature in upcoming days, and I'm wanting to show off some of my autumn and Halloween ephemera as well.  I have digital piles of tutorials and information I'm wanting to share.  And of course y'all will be looking for some freebies... :-)

Looks like I'm going to be a busy bee ...

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