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About Lunagirl

<<< Karen (Lunagirl): owner, maker, designer, in the snow :-)

Inspired by our own ephemera obsessions, my husband Michael and I founded Lunagirl Images in 2004 to offer high-quality images for home crafters, artists and collectors to use and enjoy.  We currently publish more than 50 fine quality image CDs and over 500 original digital collage sheets.  Over 30,000 images so far!  Our unmatched variety in vintage imagery continues to grow.

We are proud to have been the first company to offer digital ephemera and vintage image collections of this size and quality at prices affordable to the home crafter.  As far as I can tell, I invented the digital collage sheet! (simultaneously with "MsDelaise" Petra Wilkinson).  I am especially pleased that Lunagirl has encouraged the growth and popularity of altered art and other mixed media art forms over the past decade.

Lunagirl offers professional production with handmade care and personal service. Many hours go into creating every Lunagirl item, and our work reflects our love of all things vintage. I am a lifelong student of history and former art therapist.  I've been a digital designer for over 10 years.  Both Michael and I have collected antique books, vintage postcards, and other ephemera for years and continue to seek out lovely, fascinating original images to digitize, restore, and alter.  Every step, from scanning and restoration to alteration and embellishment to final production work, is completed in our little studio.  Our work is personal, and so is our commitment to quality and service!

Lunagirl is your creative resource!  Our images and digital collage sheets are an excellent resource for collage and mixed media, scrapbooks, handmade cards, paper piecing, digital art, digital scrapbooking, fabric arts, jewelry and other crafts, as well as collecting, education, artistic inspiration ... so many possibilities.  Or just have fun browsing! 

Some images you've seen before, and a great many you haven't. And you've never seen them like this before -- curated, carefully organized, cleaned up, restored, even enhanced or embellished -- by the hundreds, by the thousands, at your fingertips in gorgeous, printable splendor.

Lunagirl images have been available in our online shop over ten years, and are now offered at and, on etsy, ebay, and bonanza, and in fine craft supply boutiques.  Featured in altered art, craft, and card making magazines and blogs, enjoyed by thousands of happy customers, shipped to all fifty states and countries all around the world. 

Let Lunagirl send some great vintage images to YOUR home!

Why buy from Lunagirl?


All Lunagirl® CDs and digital collage sheets are professionally produced and published exclusively by our company. We have spent many months and thousands of hours collecting, organizing, restoring and enhancing images and producing our original collections and designs.  Our products take extra time and work to produce, but we believe the final results are well worth the effort.  Our customers tell us our quality and value beats even the most well-known publisher of Victorian images!


Our customers often email us about the beauty, clarity, and quality of our images and collage sheets.  We get many compliments on our unique professional presentation and the obvious care we put into every collection.  And when we enhance or alter our images, we always keep the lovely vintage look and feel of the originals.


The variety of our images and themes is simply unmatched.  Browse awhile and  you'll see what we mean.  We have tens of thousands of images in our collection, which we believe is one of the largest vintage image collections in the world ~ available to you right here!


We offer QUALITY as well as QUANTITY, for outstanding value.  For just pennies an image, we put our vast library of beautiful intriguing quality images at your fingertips, ready to print for all your projects.  Our careful restoration, legal research, and organization/curation adds value and saves you untold hours of time!


Our CDs feature a unique image gallery viewer that showcases the beauty of every image, and makes browsing, zooming, slideshow, resizing, and printing simple.  It doesn't download anything to your computer, requires no unzipping or downloading, and is easy to use.  This special feature has been a big hit with our buyers!  And our digital downloads are the fastest, easiest, most affordable way to enjoy collage sheets.


We carefully organize our image collections for your enjoyment and ease of use.  We spend the extra time and care to present them in a way that will help you browse efficiently.  With Lunagirl CDs and digital collage sheets, you can build a digital library of thousands of vintage images, and still find just the image you want.  We've done the searching and organizing for you!


We have carefully researched copyright law, and unlike some image vendors we respect copyright restrictions and the intellectual property rights of others.  We know our sources and own originals.  We research each image to avoid selling you images copyrighted by others, and many of our images are owned by us and registered with the U.S. Copyright Office by our own company ~ so you can be assured of a safe, professional collection to use in your projects. 


We are a professional design and publishing company, but small enough to offer personal service.  We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service.  We will happily answer any questions you have before purchasing to help you make an informed buying decision.  And if you have a question or problem after receiving your order, we'll be here to help! 

for artists, crafters, and educators  

You may use the images without limitation in all your personal non-commercial projects, enjoy them freely in your one-of-a-kind art projects, and create handcrafted items for sale.  Basically, what we don't allow is resale or redistribution of the images or sale of craft supplies or similar products that compete directly with ours; and for mass marketing or professional design for third parties we require that you contact us first for licensing. So enjoy, have fun, create! 

For Marketing, Illustration, Graphic Design:
We Offer Royalty-Free Commercial Licensing!
Email Karen to Inquire.

Questions??  Email us at for a prompt personal reply.

To all our customers and visitors....thank you!