About Lunagirl

We love vintage images. Inspired by our own ephemera obsessions, we founded Lunagirl Images 20 years ago to offer high-quality images for home crafters, artists and collectors.

We offer over 30,000 individual images, so far! We originated the digital collage sheet back in 2004, and have created and published over 600 original digital collage sheets.

Some images you've seen before and many you haven't -- all curated, carefully organized, cleaned up, restored, even enhanced or embellished -- by the hundreds, by the thousands, at your fingertips in gorgeous, printable splendor.

Lunagirl offers professional production with handmade care and personal service. Many hours go into creating every Lunagirl item, and our work reflects our love of all things vintage. Every step, from scanning and restoration to alteration and embellishment to final production work, is completed in our little studio.  Our work is personal, and so is our commitment to quality.

Lunagirl is your source for vintage. Our images and digital collage sheets are an excellent creative resource for collage and mixed media, scrapbooks, handmade cards, paper piecing, digital art, digital scrapbooking, fabric arts, jewelry and other crafts, as well as collecting, education, artistic inspiration ... so many possibilities. 


Celebrating 20 years of bringing you the best!

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