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Can I use these images in my art?

Yes! You are welcome to incorporate Lunagirl images into one-of-a-kind collage art, handmade cards, mixed media art, jewelry, ATCs, ACEOs, fabric art, primitives and folk art pieces, assemblage, altered books and boxes, junk journals, etc., which may be sold if you wish.  

If your pieces are one-of-a-kind, the only requirement is that you credit Lunagirl Images if your work is displayed online or published somewhere (with a link to if online).

You may print unlimited copies of images or collage sheets for your own personal non-commercial use or educational use, and alter them for your own non-commercial use as well. 

Please note that this permission is for you, the purchaser, only (and members of your immediate household).  Please don't share or forward to others (Please DO refer a friend and we will give you a discount for YOUR next purchase!). 

May I make handmade items to sell?

If your items are handmade:YES.  We want home crafters and artists to feel free to sell their handmade items... while wider commercial use requires additional licensing, that shouldn't apply to the home crafter who just wants to sell a few of her/his creations! 

If you wish to make a large number of reproductions, sell craft supplies, or do large-scale commercial printing, please contact us for permission.  We're often glad to give permission if you simply credit Lunagirl, but sometimes an additional license may be required.  

If you are creating prints for sale or any craft supplies or design elements for sale, or wish to use images in professional graphic design or advertising for third parties, you'll need to license individual images from us rather than buying the collections, which are not licensed for such uses. 

For Marketing, Illustration, Graphic Design:
We Offer Royalty-Free Commercial Licensing!
Email Lunagirl to Inquire.

May I make labels and tags for my items?

Yes, create labels for your soaps, candles, scents, etc., make unique jewelry cards and hang tags... Lunagirl images are amazing for that.  The only limit would be if your labels/tags are professional/commercial graphic design, mass-printed, etc., in which case we would do a commercial license for graphic design. If you're just selling your items on etsy, etc., please feel free. And you're welcome to email me if you're not sure!  

What about making jewelry to sell?

We have many customers who use Lunagirl images to create altered art jewelry to sell. Please just remember to credit when you sell your item or if it is published in a magazine or blog. 

If you want to make very large numbers of pieces with the same image, please just contact us for permission.  It's usually OK if you just credit/link to  Or you can purchase commercial royalty-free licensing. 

Making jewelry or charms for personal use, gifts for friends, etc., is always fine!

Can I use Lunagirl images for my class or workshop?

Yes, please do.  Print images for your class or workshop, please just be sure to credit Lunagirl Images.  If you'll be sending students to our site to purchase their own supplies, let us know and we can create a special private discount code just for them! And I love to sponsor events and workshops as well.

Can I sell or share the digital images?

We encourage our customers to enjoy these images, but resale or redistribution of the digital images in any digital form is strictly forbidden without written permission.

We certainly don't mind if you share them with your kids or grandkids or spouse! But for friends and people outside your household, please refer them to! (We will give you a discount for YOUR next purchase!).

Can I make and sell digital elements, brushes, tubes, etc?

For original digital art, see the section "Can I use these images in my art?" above.  Please feel free to create original digital collage, etc., the only condition being that you credit and link to Lunagirl Images if your art is published or displayed online.

For PSP tubes, Photoshop brushes, etc., you are welcome to create these for your own personal non-commercial use, but tubes or brushes and other digital elements may not be sold or shared/redistributed without our permission.  Often we can grant permission if you just add a credit to Lunagirl Images. 

Use in commercial digital scrapbooking design requires additional licensure. 

Can I sell collage sheets, stickers, fabric squares, transfers, etc?

You can make them for your personal use but not for sale.  "Design elements for sale" includes anything you sell or distribute for others to use in their art/crafts, such as collage sheets, stickers, decals, loose charms, transfers, patterns, fabric squares, any kind of craft supplies for sale.  Sale or commercial distribution of these items is not allowed, although doing any of this for your own personal use is absolutely encouraged! 

Can I sell shirts or other printed items?

You can create prints for your personal non-commercial use, no limits, have fun!  Commercial printing, prints for sale, or mass production requires purchase of a commercial license (please email us for more information and we will be glad to work with you). 

Greeting cards that are printed in bulk without altering the image are considered "prints" and may require commercial licensing if you plan to sell them.  

One-of-a-kind handmade cards in which you alter or incorporate the image are considered art and do NOT require commercial licensing (see guidelines above under "Can I use these images in my art?")  Any and all printing for personal, non-commercial use is encouraged!

Can I use these images on my website or blog?

Use up to 10 images on your own web page or blog page, with credit and link to  All Lunagirl images displayed in online listings should be watermarked “Lunagirl Images.” 

We do ask that you take reasonable steps to prevent theft of the images from your page.  If you display a Lunagirl image on your blog, please link to and don't let it open up to full size for others to copy or download.

We prefer that you include credit and a link back to for each image you use.  You can contact us for help with the credit/link if you like. 

For commercial websites or graphic design for third parties, please contact us.

We do not permit Lunagirl images to be uploaded or shared on Photobucket, Flickr or similar sites, as this redistributes our work for free.

I am a graphic designer.  May I use these in my work?

Use in commercial graphic design or website design for third parties requires commercial use licensure of individual images.  The images sold directly from this website are not licensed for such use. 

If you are interested in affordable commercial use or professional use licensure, pleaseemail us.  We will be very happy to work out something that suits us both!

I am a digital scrapbooking designer.  May I use Lunagirl images in my work?

We are pleased to offer commercial licensing of individual images for designers.  Use in commercial digital scrapbooking design requires additional licensure.  We offer two levels of licensure, depending on whether you credit Lunagirl.  Pleaseinquireand we'll be glad to work something out!

Can I use Lunagirl images in marketing or advertising?

Usually, use in advertising, marketing or commercial graphic design requires a commercial use license for individual images.  (We do not license entire collections for commercial use.)  Please email us for commercial royalty-free licensing.  We have affordable licensing for small businesses, starting at $10 per image.  For use in media production (film, television, etc.) please email us to arrange professional use licensing.

We Offer Royalty-Free Commercial Licensing! Email Lunagirl to Inquire.

Are all Lunagirl images copyright-free? 

No, we own copyright to some of them.  While most of our images were originally public domain, we have creatively altered many of them, and these alterations and/or altered versions are now protected by our copyright.  Some are registered with the US Copyright Office by our company.

But Lunagirl images are "royalty-free" for personal use and for some resale of unique art and handmade crafts as described above.  This means you can feel free to use Lunagirl images in your personal art and crafts projects within the terms of our license agreement without payment of any additional fees or royalties.

All Lunagirl images are offered under the terms of our License Agreement regardless of copyright status, which is common practice by professional image vendors. We're pleased to offer images for pennies apiece for personal use (and the lowest commercial licensing fees we know of). 

But aren't these all "public domain"?

Most of our originals (the old postcards, antique books, etc.) started out in the public domain, which means that the copyright had expired due to age or that they were never copyrighted to begin with.  However, many of the digital images we sell now have legal protection as "derivative works" ~ a derivative work is a creatively altered version of another work. Creative alteration of a public domain image creates copyright for the altered version, or at the very least for the alterations themselves.  This is the case with many Lunagirl images.  

An often-cited example: if you take a photo of the Statue of Liberty, you don't own the Statue of Liberty but you do own your own photo.  Similarly, if we take a digital photo of a piece of ephemera and creatively alter it, the original piece of paper ephemera is still public domain, but we own the creatively altered version in our photo. (Exact scans are not usually eligible for copyright, but altered scans are.)

Because we strive to make our alterations fit the original vintage style, in most cases it is difficult or nearly impossible to tell which images have been altered by us and which have not. Some people seem to believe they can tell which ones, but they are invariably incorrect!

There is also the issue of LICENSING.  All Lunagirl images, regardless of copyright status, are offered under a license agreement, as is common practice in the stock image industry in recognition of the considerable money, time, and production work invested in acquiring, digitizing, compiling, and restoring images.  Your purchase grants you permission to use the images in accordance with the terms of our license agreement.  Purchase of a Lunagirl product is purchase of the right to use the digital files in accordance with the license agreement, and does not transfer ownership of the files themselves or any intellectual property rights.  Most commercial and professional uses require additional licensing of individual images. 

How much duplication of images is there between your collections?

Very little.  We keep overlap to a minimum and only where it makes sense.  For example, many of the Christmas angels are in both the Angels/Fairies and the Holidays set. If you have questions, please just email us.

What is the size and resolution?

Most of our image collections are 300 dpi.  The only current exceptions are Cigar Labels and Vintage Clip Art, which have images scanned between 96 and 300 dpi.  All Lunagirl digital collage sheets are 300 dpi. 

Resolution is relative to print size.  It is important to note that images can be "300 dpi" at 1 inch or 4 inches or 10 inches ~ the number that really matters is the number of pixels on the longest side. 

Our images are generally 900-1500 pixels on the longest side (occasionally larger or slightly smaller), which means they will be 3-5 inches when printed at 300 dpi.  Usually you can print them at twice that size and still have print quality appropriate for most home crafts applications.  If you need larger files, please contact us to see what's available. 

Information on resolution specific to each collection is included on their description pages; click the "Using These Images" tab.  If you need help, contact us.  Please feel free to ask questions before you buy.  We’re glad to help make sure our products will meet your needs.

What about print quality?

We have had overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers who print and use our images in their altered art, collage art, decoupage, scrapbooking, and other crafts, and to create cards, labels, tags, jewelry, quilts, fabric transfers, and many other items with beautiful results.  Most images are intended for printing at "craft" sizes such as 6x9, 5x7, 4x6, 2x3 or smaller, although many images will do quite well larger than this.  If you need very large files for sale of prints or professional use, please contact us! 

If you are concerned about print quality, please contact us for a complimentary sample before you purchase.  Because of the digital nature of our products we cannot accept returns or exchanges, so we encourage you to email us before purchasing if you have any questions or concerns.  We’re glad to respond promptly to help make sure our products will meet your needs.  We will gladly answer all your questions to help you make an informed decision!

What if I don't have a printer?

I currently do not offer printed products.  However,even if you don't have a printer you can still enjoy all Lunagirl digital products!  Simply take a flashdrive or other medium containing your downloads to a print shop or office supply store and have them printed on the paper of your choice.  Most places like Kinko's, Office Depot, Staples, even Walmart, will print them for you.  Below are some tips:

Take a printed copy of our License Agreement with you.  This gives permission to print the files for your use. You'll find it here:  If you have any difficulty with this, email me.

Digital collage sheets & downloads:  Load your files onto a flashdrive or CD and take this to the print shop.

ANOTHER OPTION: Most of these places will let you UPLOAD your files from home, order your prints online, and pick them up at your convenience!

For best results:  ask them to use a color laser printer, and request a high-quality paper of at least 28-32 lb weight and 98 brightness.

How do I add text to an image or modify an image?

In order to modify an image, such as putting your own text onto a blank label, you need to copy and paste the image into your own image-editing or photo-editing software.  Adobe Photoshop is a popular choice, but there are many others.  Most computers come with simple photo-editing software that is easy to use and will work just fine for basic editing.

Editing is easiest to do with our "image collections" which are individual jpg images. You can resize an image before printing.  You can go very small with good print quality.  You can also enlarge images; the print quality will depend on the original size and resolution of the image.  Again, feel free to email us.

Each digital collage sheet is a single jpg image, so while the whole sheet can be resized and printed smaller (for jewelry, for example) it is not possible to print the pictures on the sheet separately. (You can, of course, crop them out and save as new files.)

We're here to help

If your questions are not answered by the information above, feel free to contact us.

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