Another New Collage Sheet for Christmas

The beautiful antique nativity images on this new Lunagirl digital collage sheet "Christmastide Ephemera" were originally pages from antique books.
The original vintage paper ephemera pieces are gorgeous, and I wanted to capture the colors and detail on a printable you could use for card making, scrapbooks, etc. They would make pretty backgrounds, and of course would be beautiful for Christmas cards or other winter holiday crafts.
The two large images on the bottom feature lovely decorative Victorian imagery of flowers and birds around the frame, and religious images of baby Jesus. One is in English and one is in German: "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year" -- wonderful antique typography!
The two images in the two corners feature angels gathered around the Christ child, with more flowers. These decorative corner designs would be especially nice for backgrounds for cards.
Finally, the angel and child picture in the middle offers a wish for the season: May Your Christmastide Be Happy!
This new digital collage sheet is available to download instantly for your happy Christmastide!
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