Freebie: Daffodils

daffodils, vintage image, victorian flowersSpring doesn't officially arrive for a couple more weeks, but you can't tell it today here in Tennessee. There's a bright blue sky, a gusty March breeze, and it's almost warm (near 70)! Birdsong greets me when I step outside. Goldfinches are pairing up, the males turning brighter yellow. Robins are everywhere, and I've seen bluebird couples looking for places to nest.  Their bright blue is so cheery.

All this spring energy has inspired a Friday freebie: Yellow daffodils, the heralds of spring on the way!  If you're lucky enough to have these beautiful yellow flowers where you live, I think you'll agree they are one of the sweetest signs of spring every year!

This free downloadable image is free for your personal non-commercial use.  Please remember to credit Lunagirl Images if you display your creation online.  (If you would like this image for commercial use, email us at

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