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Paintings of William Bouguereau: 200 Images

Paintings of William Bouguereau: 200 Images

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Over 200 high-resolution images of the art of Bouguereau, printable for crafts cards art jewelry scrapbooks and more.  Featuring paintings of children, women, peasant girls, cherubs, nudes, Madonnas, mythological themes, Classical and Renaissance style.  

Gorgeous collection by this much-loved Victorian Master!  Fine detailed images, categorized by theme, paintings identified by title and date.


  • children
  • girls pastoral
  • mother & child
  • sisters & brothers
  • myth
  • cupid & cherubs
  • other nudes
  • madonnas
  • other religious
  • women couples classical
  • portraits
Rich color and detail.  Great for for altered art, decoupage, collage, scrapbooks, tags, journals, jewelry, fabric, and lovely cards. The beautiful paintings of Madonna and Child are perfect for Christmas or Easter. The cherub paintings are wonderful for Valentines. The paintings of children are gorgeous.  You'll enjoy these exquisite images for browsing and inspiration, and will find so many ways to use them in your projects.  The only limit is your imagination.
About This Artist:

"I accept and respect all schools of painting which have as their basis the sincere study of nature, the search for the true and the beautiful." - Wm. Bouguereau William Bouguereau, born in France in 1825, was one of the most successful and popular painters of the second half of the 19th century.  His works express perhaps better than any other's the values of classical French academic art: exquisite drawing and masterful perspective, rich coloration, dramatic yet harmonious composition, and classical and realistic subjects masterfully modeled.  His technical skill is unquestionable.  Yet these very qualities represent much of what the then-new school of Impressionism rebelled against, and Bouguereau's work, dismissed and scorned as "academic," fell into near obscurity for many years after his death. In recent decades, Bouguereau has been rediscovered by art historians, curators, and buyers.  Museums display his work and his paintings bring ever-higher prices at auction.  Those who love this artist's work appreciate the tenderness with which he portrayed children and young women, his subtle revelation of personality and mood, his glowing colors, his lovely angels and graceful nudes, and the astonishingly realistic yet delicately transcendent quality of the images he created.

Bouguereau was a disciplined and prolific artist, known to have created over 700 finished paintings in his long lifetime. 
He painted, sketched, and planned tirelessly and passionately, and was also a devoted teacher.  Among his many achievements, one rarely mentioned is his role in opening the French art academies to women artists.  He died in 1905.
Using These Images

DOWNLOAD: Images will be sent in a zipped file.
COPY & PASTE INTO YOUR IMAGE-EDITING SOFTWARE TO EDIT. Can be printed directly onto any paper, card stock, tissue, vellum, transparencies, stickers, labels, even fabric transfers to make quilt designs and embroidery patterns for personal use.  Whatever will work in your printer!

Images are JPG.  Most are 1800 pixels on longest side.  This will be approximately 6 inches when printed at 300 dpi, or twice that size at 150 dpi (can be resized before printing, down to very small).  Samples may be smaller than actual images. Images are NOT watermarked.

Questions?  See our FAQ page!  If you still have questions, feel  free to email us and we'll be glad to help.


Dos and Don'ts

Copyright  2005, 2007, 2015, Lunagirl Images. All images are offered under license. 

You may print unlimited copies of images or collage sheets for your own non-commercial personal or educational use, and alter them for your own non-commercial use as well.  Please note that this permission is for you, the purchaser, only (images may not be forwarded to others).

You are welcome to sell your one-of-a-kind altered art and handmade items that incorporate these images (if your work is sold or displayed online or published in a magazine, blog, etc., include credit to  

Images may not be resold or redistributed, and there are limits on commercial use (see full license/terms for details). 

Use in commercial graphic design, professional advertising or marketing, or media production, creation of design resources for sale, or sale of craft supplies, unaltered prints, or items in large numbers, requires permission and/or additional commercial use license.  

Questions?  See our FAQ page!  If you still have questions, feel free to email us and we'll be glad to help.

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