Collage Sheet FAQs

What are collage sheets?

A "collage sheet" is a collection of images arranged on a single sheet, intended for printing as a single sheet.  They are often printed onto nice linen paper or textured paper, cardstock, photo paper or transparencies. After printing, you can then cut out individual images to use in your altered art and crafts projects.

We sell digital collage sheets.  This means you will receive your collage sheet as a digital jpg file that you download to your computer and then print yourself onto the paper or papers of your choosing.  You don't need any special software, just a printer.  You can also print onto transparencies, transfers, sticker-backed paper, even fabric, whatever you desire that will work in your printer. No printer? Save the files on a flash drive and have them printed.

Why digital?

There are many advantages to receiving our collage sheets in digital form.  One is that you can choose your own paper or other media, and print the collage sheet as often as needed.  Rather than purchasing a single copy of a pre-printed sheet, you are purchasing a file you can print yourself whenever and however you need it for your personal use!  This means that digital collage sheets are a much better value than pre-printed sheets, and can save you hundreds of dollars over time.  Another advantage is that our digital collage sheets are delivered to you instantly via the internet, with no shipping charges and no wait time. 

Why "jpeg"?

Unlike PDF files, JPG images can easily be resized or edited.  And they offer superior image quality compared to PDF files (which are not technically even image files, but more like a screen shot intended for text pages) and do not require any additional software to open them.  JPG is the ideal format for the home crafter and digital artist.  While PDF offers advantages for the seller, we find that JPG offers better quality and more flexibility for you, the customer!  


What are collage sheets used for?

Lunagirl collage sheets are great for all kinds of paper crafts. They're perfect for collage, ATCs, altered books and such, but so many other projects as well!   Print and clip for your scrapbooks, assemblage, paper piecing, decoupage projects.  Make lovely unique ornaments and tags. 

Create gorgeous handmade cards with our collage sheet images plus your stamps, glitter, ribbons and other embellishments!  You can use them to create beautiful pendants and picture charms for bracelets, hip charms and other jewelry (we even offer "mini" images ready-made for charms and pendants!)

Images may be used to create unique altered art and handmade craft items for sale in small numbers (less than ten reproductions of any image), on the condition that you credit when you sell, display or publish your work (with a link if online).  Please read our full Terms of Use for limits on commercial use.

Can I print individual images from a collage sheet?

Each collage sheet is a single jpg file which will print as an entire sheet, so you cannot print individual images on a collage sheet.  What you can do, although it's a little indirect, is open the sheet in your digital editing software, crop it to just the individual image, and then save the individual image with a new name.  REMEMBER TO SAVE AS A NEW FILE so you keep the original sheet!  Then you can print the individual image you have saved.

If you prefer individual images, you will probably want to purchase one of our "image collections" which are composed of individual jpg images.

Can I resize the images?

Each sheet is designed to print as a letter-sized sheet (8-1/2 x 11 inches).  Because each collage sheet is a single image, you cannot resize the individual images on it. 

HOWEVER because these are jpgs you can easily resize the whole sheet.  If wish to use the images on a sheet in a slightly different size (for example, small for jewelry), just print the entire sheet larger or smaller.  Keep in mind that if you go
too large they will start to lose clarity -- but you can go as small as you like.

TIP:  If you will be resizing our sheets when you print them, remember to resize a copy and keep the original.  That way you won't lose resolution from repeatedly resizing and resaving. 

What paper should I use?

Whatever kind you like -- or as many kinds as you like!  One great thing about using digital is that you can experiment with printing the same images on different papers.  While you can use regular white paper for many projects, you might want to experiment with medium- to heavy-weight papers, especially in white or cream or ivory.  I like to use paper with a nice texture sometimes, such as a linen texture or cotton rag. For cards and similar projects, cardstock is a great choice.  Many customers like to use a good photo paper.  Again, try different papers to see what you like. White gives the brightest colors for the Victorian images, but cream or off-white can be nice for an aged "antique" look.  Black and white line art looks great on colored paper or patterned paper. The images look great simply printed by themselves, but if desired you can embellish them with glitter, ribbons, buttons, etc! 

How does "downloading" work?

After you complete payment for your digital collage sheets, you will receive a confirmation email that contains links to the collage sheets.  Just click on each link to open the file, then use "SAVE AS" to save each file to your own computer.  Then you can go to that saved file and print collage sheets when you need them!  It's best to save first and print from there, rather than trying to print directly from the download.

What if I don't have a printer?

I currently do not offer printed products.  However, even if you don't have a printer you can still enjoy all Lunagirl digital products!  Simply take a CD or flashdrive containing your downloads to a print shop or office supply store and have them printed on the paper of your choice.  Most places like Kinko's, Office Depot, Staples, even Walmart, will print them for you.  Below are some tips:

Just in case, I recommend that you take a printed copy of our License Agreement with you. This gives permission to print the files for your use. You can also refer the printer to this URL: If you have any difficulty with this, email

For best results:  ask them to use a color laser printer, and request a high-quality paper of at least 28-32 lb weight and 98 brightness.

Tips for printing Lunagirl collage sheets:

Sheets are designed to be printed out at a size of 8-1/2 x 11 inches. Each sheet is a 300 dpi jpg image, 3300 pixels on the longest side. They may appear larger than 11" on your monitor because most monitors display images at lower resolution. 

To print at exact size, when you go to your Printer Settings select either "Print Exact Size" or "Borderless Printing."  You want to print at 300 dpi for a letter-size print. We recommend settings print quality at the highest setting.

It is best to download and save each file to your computer before printing. (Click on the link, let the picture open up all the way, then use Save As to save the jpg file to your own computer.)

You can use any paper that will work in your printer.  For best results, you might try a medium- to heavy-weight matte paper in bright white or off-white, or photo paper, cardstock, etc.

 An Important Note:

Your purchase allows you to use collage sheets in accordance with our license & print copies for your personal use, but we retain ownership of all images. Purchase equals acceptance of Terms of Use, so please take a moment to read them!


 All Lunagirl collage sheets are created, produced and published by
Lunagirl Images and are protected by copyright, all rights reserved.