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Best Quality Vintage Images Victorian Images

We offer the best quality, best variety, and best value in vintage-style digital images. 

We offer professional collections of safe, legal images. 

Our products are crafted with care, attention to detail, and  creativity. We will not resell low-quality, illegal images to make a quick buck. 

We have earned an excellent reputation for quality and service... We'll be here in the future when you need us.

Lunagirl is your #1 Source for vintage images online.

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QUALITY:  All Lunagirl® products are professionally produced and published exclusively by our company. We have spent many months and thousands of hours collecting, organizing, restoring and enhancing images and producing our original collections and designs. Our products take extra time and work to produce, but we believe the final results are well worth the effort.  

BEAUTY:  Our customers often email us about the beauty and quality of our images and collage sheets.  We get many compliments on our unique professional presentation and the obvious care we put into every collection.  And when we enhance or alter our images, we always keep the lovely vintage look and feel of the originals.

UNMATCHED VARIETY:  The variety of our images and themes is simply unmatched.  Browse awhile and  you'll see what we mean.  We have tens of thousands of images in our collection, which we believe is one of the largest private vintage image collections in the world ~ available to you right here!

VALUE:  We offer QUALITY as well as QUANTITY, for outstanding value.  For just pennies an image, we put our vast library of beautiful intriguing quality images at your fingertips, ready to print for all your projects.  Our careful restoration, legal research, and organization/curation adds value and saves you untold hours of time!

ORGANIZATION:  We carefully organize our image collections for your enjoyment and ease of use.  We spend the extra time and care to present them in a way that will help you browse efficiently.  With Lunagirl images and digital collage sheets, you can build a digital library of thousands of vintage images, and still find just the image you want.  We've done the searching and organizing for you!

SAFE LEGAL IMAGES:  Especially important if you sell what you create. We have carefully researched copyright law, and unlike some image vendors we respect copyright restrictions and the intellectual property rights of others. We know our sources and we own originals.  We research each image to avoid selling you images copyrighted by others, and many of our images are registered with the U.S. Copyright Office by our own company ~ so you can be assured of a safe, professional collection to use in your projects. 

PROMPT PERSONAL SERVICE:  We are a professional design and publishing company, but small enough to offer personal service. We will happily answer any questions you have before purchasing to help you make an informed buying decision.  And if you have a question or problem after receiving your order, Karen, the owner and main designer, will answer you personally as quickly as possible.

GENEROUS TERMS for artists, crafters, and educators: You may use the images in all your personal non-commercial projects, enjoy them freely in your one-of-a-kind art projects, and create handcrafted items for sale.  Basically, what we don't allow is resale or redistribution of the images, or sale of craft supplies or similar products that compete directly with ours. For mass marketing or professional design for third parties we require that you contact us first for licensing. We're an email away if you have questions. Email us at info@Lunagirl.com .