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WPA Posters Retro Art: 60+ Images

WPA Posters Retro Art: 60+ Images

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Large vintage poster images in digital TIFF format, ideal for making art prints or for using in smaller size for crafts and card-making. They also make very striking t-shirts.  

Use this beautiful collection of art just for the pleasure of browsing, or making colorful tee-shirts and cards, altered art, collage and decoupage, primitives, labels and tags, and stationery. Also nice for fabric transfers, transparencies, vellum, stamping, stickers, embroidery patterns, quilting and even jewelry making.

Large enough to print as posters, this collection makes a wonderful and unique gift, especially for American art and ephemera collectors.

The colorful silkscreen, lithograph, and woodcut posters were designed by government-commissioned WPA artists to publicize health and safety programs; cultural programs including art exhibitions, theatrical, and musical performances; travel and tourism; educational programs; and community activities. You'll find zoo posters, posters for American cities and states, theater productions, Indian Art museum exhibits, public service ads, civil defense posters, national parks, and much more!  

The 60+ posters in this collection include many of the most popular and colorful of the thousands of WPA posters produced.

 About the WPA Posters

The WPA (Works Projects Administration) was the largest New Deal agency, employing millions of people and affecting almost every locality in the United States, especially rural and western mountain populations. It was created by a Franklin Delano Roosevelt presidential order, and funded by Congress with passage of the Emergency Relief Appropriation Act of 1935. The FAP - (Federal Art Project) was the visual arts arm WPA program. It operated from 1935 until 1943. FAP artists created posters, murals and paintings, some of which still stand among the most significant pieces of public art in the country.

The primary goals of the FAP were to employ out-of-work artists and to provide art for non-federal government buildings: schools, hospitals, libraries and the like. The FAP was one of a short-lived series of Depression-era visual arts programs.

Using This CD

DOWNLOAD: Images will be sent by email as a zipped file.
Available on CD if preferred. Email for details and shipping cost.

Images are TIFF format, 1200 dpi. They have been fully restored to correct colors and remove blemishes. Images are NOT watermarked.

Questions?  See our FAQ page!  If you still have questions, feel  free to email us and we'll be glad to help.


Dos and Don'ts

Copyright 2009. All images are offered under license. 

Buyer (the licensee) may print the images in this collection for personal or commercial use in printed form.  Digital images may not be resold or redistributed in digital format.

You may print unlimited copies of images for your own non-commercial personal or educational use, and alter them for your own non-commercial use as well.  Please note that this permission is for you, the purchaser, only (images may not be forwarded to others). You are welcome to sell your one-of-a-kind altered art and handmade items that incorporate these images.  

Use of digital images in commercial graphic design, professional advertising or marketing, or media production, creation of design resources for sale, or sale of craft supplies, unaltered prints, or items in large numbers, requires permission and/or additional commercial use license.  

Questions?  See our FAQ page!  If you still have questions, feel free to email us and we'll be glad to help.

PLEASE READ FULL LICENSE/TERMS before purchasing. Thanks for visiting!

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